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MCMS Warka Sp. z o.o.

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05-660 Warka

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Subsoiler is a 3-point hitch suspensed machine.Working element are claws (900mm) with replaceable coulter (100mm) and mole. Subsoiler is designed for soil ripping and aeration (on increased depth) in order to improve their physical and biological properties. As a result  it makes easier soil penetration for plants (especially for deep root system plants), increase water and air penetrability, enables spreading fertilizers and prevents  forming marginal lakes. Subsoiled soil doesn't require deep ploughing.



Technical data

Parameters   GZ-1 GZ-2 GZ-3
Type of machine   connected to tractor PTO
Power requirement kW 45 80 110
Number of claws pcs 1 2 3
Working depth cm 70
Spacing between claws cm - 80
Weight kg 160 255 350

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