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Fork lift hydraulic loader mounted on the rear of the tractor




Fork lift hydraulic loader mounted on the rear of the tractor is used for loading and unloading of goods used in insulated containers, pallets and containers and their transport over short distances. Transportation can be done by off-road. Fork lift hydraulic loader is mounted on the three point linkage with output for hydraulic external (single-acting actuator). Maximum lift height is 2,4 m and maximum lift capacity of loader is 700 kg. Fork lift hydraulic loader mounted on the rear of the tractor consists of two main components: the lifting mechanism and the loader frame with cross beams to the tractor three-point linkage. The lifting mechanism includes: guide external and internal, plate for  pitchfork, collecting pitchfork, plunger cylinder and lift cable. The framework consists of: design of steel frame brackets (left and right) and double-acting piston cylinder. Mounting brackets of plumbing are supplied in a separate box. Loader is powered by an external hydraulic system of the tractor and used to connect an external output. Control is via a hydraulic valve located on the rear fender tractor. The principle of operation of all types of loaders are the same. They only differ in the manifold connecting to an external hydraulic and hydraulic cable length.


Technical data

Parameters   PHW-240/T
Type of machine   connected to tractor PTO
Weight kg 310
Lift capacity kg 700
Lift height cm 240
Fork spacing cm 26 - 90 regulated

Overall dimensions












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